HR&A Advisors at Ten Across Summit in Los Angeles 

HR&A Advisors at Ten Across Summit in Los Angeles 


HR&A is excited to engage with fellow climate advocates, transportation planners, housing experts, and change-makers at the Ten Across Summit in Los Angeles on December 5 – 7th. 


About 10 Across 

“The Ten Across geography—from California to Texas to Florida—features a diverse range of socio-economic, demographic, and climate related challenges. With an election year looming, the divisions in the country continue to widen, especially between red and blue states, urban and rural populations, and the major political parties. While the public is relatively consistent in its view on many critical issues, the distance between varying points of view has been exaggerated by social media, recent state legislation, and various court rulings.” Learn more… 


HR&A Advisors Partner Kate Collignon will be speaking in a panel discussion titled “Recovery of the City: Imagining Los Angeles and 10X Urban Centers in 2030…and Beyond,” alongside Tracy Hadden Loh, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Center for Transformative Placemaking Fellow at Brookings Metro and Marty Borko, Executive Director at the Urban Land Institute Los Angeles.  


Connect with HR&A Attendees 

Kate Collignon, Partner, San Francisco 

Connie Chung, Managing Principal, Los Angeles 

Martha Welborne, Senior Advisor, Los Angeles 

Garrett Rapsibler, Director, Los Angeles 

Ray Cabrera, Senior Analyst, Los Angeles 

Verenice Sanchez, Administrative Assistant, Los Angeles