Our Mission


HR&A’s mission is to ensure implementation of our clients’ aspirations: to create vital places, build more equitable and resilient communities, and improve people’s lives. We accomplish our mission by deploying the extraordinary analytic and creative talent of our employee-owners, who come from a diversity of backgrounds, have a breadth of lived experience, and share a passion for cities. We are motivated by complex challenges, dedicated to our clients, and fulfilled by making lasting impact.

Our Value to our Clients


We provide clients with strategic guidance, economic analysis, and implementation planning to attract private and public investment, grow economies, and make communities more just, resilient, equitable, and joyous. We achieve results. We do so by helping build collaborations among public, private, non-profit, and civic actors; working at the intersection of economics, policy, and design; harnessing market forces to achieve civic objectives; and establishing financial and organizational feasibility.

Analytic rigor, creative energy, and focus on impact fuel all our efforts. We help our clients define their goals and solve their problems by drawing on our almost half a century’s history of success working across a broad range of projects, client types, places, and issues.

We believe that growth – of economic resources, educational opportunity, technological advancement, and public dialogue – is essential to our clients’ success. Growth enables market capacity to create opportunities and government capacity to deliver services, which are prerequisites for more equitable outcomes.

What Drives Us and Defines Us


We are committed to helping our clients and ourselves to do better. We not only help clients identify solutions but also to ask better questions, enabling them to make transformational impact. We set them on a path to creating better job opportunities, building stronger communities, attracting more investment, achieving more equitable outcomes across race, class, and gender, and realizing a more sustainable and resilient future.

Our breadth of practice fuels our curiosity and ingenuity, makes us better practitioners, and strengthens our engagement with the complexities that are central to much of our work. We serve clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, across a broad and expanding range of issues. Our clients’ goals are diverse and sometimes contradictory. For almost 50 years we have excelled at navigating the complexities of serving this diversity of interests and perspectives, which has increased our ability to advance our clients’ objectives.

We are committed to developing and rewarding our people. We are employee-owned. This fact alone requires us to demand excellence of ourselves. Every employee who works on a project is invested in its success. In return for this commitment to excellence, we provide the opportunity to build wealth based on employee performance and the firm’s long-term success.

Our commitment to anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion is essential to who we choose to be. We continuously reflect on our role and that of our field in perpetuating inequities, refine our understanding of these conditions, and address their impact on our workplace and our work.