Develop visionary solutions to revitalize downtowns, neighborhoods, districts, cities and regions into job-producing, community-strengthening assets.

We engage public, private and institutional stakeholders to produce long-term visions for economic development with measurable economic, physical, and job creation goals.

HR&A supports recommendations with in-depth quantitative economic analysis.

We understand that many complex elements affect economic development, whether at the scale of a site or a region. Our analytics, studies and implementation plans provide an objective fact base from which to make decisions.

HR&A develops economic frameworks to inform strategic decisions.

We examine all components of economic development to quantify the potential benefits of proposed real estate development and public policy, which helps lead to successful implementation.

HR&A creates vibrant retail corridors to serve as magnets for activation to support new development.

Solid retail development and revitalization strategies are grounded in the market and economic realities of consumers, tenants, and developers. We develop tenanting plans, identify cultural uses, and integrate open space opportunities to brand districts and create a sense of place.

HR&A strengthens the capacity of quasi-public and not-for-profit organizations to steward economic development from inception to implementation.

Realizing a vision for economic development often requires a long-term commitment from an organization charged with executing priority initiatives. We produce implementation plans that help our clients create new governance entities, forge new partnerships, and focus the responsibilities of existing organizations in support of economic development.