Public Policy Analysis

HR&A provides independent economic analyses of programs and policies in order to inform public sector decision-making.


HR&A provides empirical third party analysis to support clients in making a persuasive case for a favorable shift in public policy. We have assisted a diversity of clients in assessing and, in many cases, maximizing, the benefits of new real estate development through fiscal policy analysis. We have supported many industries and public entities in making decisions about public policy issues – from the regulation of sports and entertainment events in New York, Massachusetts and Ontario, to tax and incentive structures across the United States and Canada.


HR&A’s work has been instrumental in creating policy that supports the development of vibrant communities and generates economic and fiscal benefits for municipalities and states.

Our public policy analysis work underscores the importance of superior quantitative analysis wedded to a strong understanding of client objectives. HR&A’s work includes:


  • Economic analysis of policy alternatives;
  • Cost-benefit assessment of recommended policy changes to support environmental review and approvals processes;
  • Financial incentives structuring to support real estate development;
  • Financial and economic policy creation to support sectoral growth strategies;
  • Structuring of financing programs to achieve larger policy goals, such as energy efficiency and affordable housing; and
  • Creating economic rationale for setting public funding priorities.


Image Courtesy: Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles