HR&A Launches A Just & Resilient Recovery


The COVID-19 crisis is far from over, but planning for recovery has begun.


A transformative recovery begins with ideas.
A Just and Resilient Recovery is a new, collaborative initiative to translate those ideas into actions to build a better “next normal” for urban life.

The HR&A community has been at the center of urban resilience, recovery and rebuilding initiatives for decades. From New York City’s fiscal crisis to the Great Recession, the Northridge earthquake to September 11th, Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, Sandy, and Maria, we’ve helped many different communities weather many different shocks.
Times of crisis are times to come together.
As we’ve worked with scores of clients over the last several weeks to assess uncertainty, take first steps, and prepare for recovery, we’re excited to see a growing desire to go beyond a “return to normal,” to proactively shape a stronger, more equitable, more resilient urban life.
Over the months to come, we will be using this campaign for A Just and Resilient Recovery to share the latest from our team and elevate the ideas and actions that you are advancing to institutionalize transformational inclusivity and innovation in urban practice.



Carl Weisbrod shares principles for economic recovery in cities, drawing on four decades of leadership in the City of New York through a wide range of crises. He shares some premises – the promise of cities is not extinguished, diversity and pluralism are cities’ greatest strengths, the COVID-19 pandemic is intersecting with epidemics of inequality – and sets forth the ten concepts that we must all take into account as we advance a just and resilient recovery. (HR&A)
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