HR&A Advises on Arlington’s Groundbreaking Community Energy Plan


Arlington County, Virginia released a groundbreaking draft plan to dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and enhance its economic competitiveness. The Arlington County Board is expected to adopt the plan in June of 2013. HR&A, led by Principal Stockton Williams, worked with Arlington County to develop the plan and supporting policies.


“Arlington County’s commitment in its Community Energy Plan (CEP) to cut greenhouse gas emissions by about 75 percent over the next several decades is one of the strongest statements any community in the world has made about the importance of moving to a cleaner energy system,” said Williams in the news release from Arlington County. “The County’s comprehensive approach, laying out paths of action in buildings, transportation, and clean energy generation, should create substantial economic and environmental benefits for the businesses and residents of the County, while enhancing the high quality of life for which Arlington has long been known.” The draft CEP is available for download here.