Great Headway for the Texas Digital Opportunity Plan

Great Headway for the Texas Digital Opportunity Plan

With over 7 million Texans currently lacking internet connectivity according to the FCC, there is a strong need for improved broadband access across the state. The lack of access so many experienced in the height of the pandemic lockdowns made clear the need to ensure that everyone can connect to the internet and have access to  the financial resources, equipment, and digital skills needed to get online.  


Last month, Texas received $3.3 billion in federal funding to expand its broadband infrastructure. The federal funds, combined with $1.5 billion from the state, offer rural and underserved communities an opportunity to bridge the technology gap. 


As part of the Connect Texas Team, created by the Texas Broadband Development Office, HR&A is collaborating with Connected Nation and Accenture to identify the digital opportunity barriers affecting Texas households, such as the lack of infrastructure, digital literacy, affordable service, or access to devices. We are developing the Texas Digital Opportunity Plan (TDOP), which will serve as a roadmap for expanding the adoption of reliable and affordable broadband, computing devices, digital skills training, and cybersecurity awareness for all Texans. 


The Connect Texas Team has established an external engagement process that fosters collaboration with local, regional, and tribal entities. The Broadband Development Office is engaging with communities by hosting in-person and virtual meetings across the state to hear about Texans’ experiences with internet access and use. Find a public meeting. 


Widespread input will ensure the state develops a plan that addresses the digital opportunity needs of all Texans. If you are a Texas resident over 18, please complete this survey by August 31st.  The survey is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin.  


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