Wala Budri


Wala brings extensive expertise in real estate advisory and strategic planning, catering to both private clients and public institutions to actualize their visions into economic successes.


As a business strategist and consultant, Wala has provided viable recommendations to real estate investors, enhancing their competitive advantage, and assessing the economic impact of infrastructure projects on local communities.

Prior to joining HR&A, Wala managed a real estate technology and advisory firm. Her consultancy revolved around diverse client needs, strategically analyzing infrastructure projects to stimulate economic development and foster inclusive growth. A central focus of her work involved aligning real estate projects with equity principles, achieved through robust community engagement, partnership cultivation, policy advocacy, and thorough social impact assessments. She collaborated with government agencies to assess projects aimed at fostering job creation and providing recreational and education training spaces for the youth.

Wala holds a Master’s degree in Urban Policy from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies at UCLA.

Sudanese Real Estate Developers Association, Member