Mackenna Caughron

Director of Business Development

Mackenna drives HR&A’s approach to business development by integrating operational and analytical frameworks that build, measure, and expand the company’s pipeline of new work while spearheading strategic initiatives that expand our impact, such as Growth Areas.


Prior to joining HR&A, Mackenna worked as a Sr. Project Manager for the Walt Disney Company Studios. In this role as a project manager, Mackenna combined tactical execution, process improvement, and enterprise-wide alignment to increase team throughput and quantify impact. She also worked as a strategy, management, and technology consultant for Point B and PricewaterhouseCoopers. During her consulting career, she delivered multi-faceted analysis across a breadth of industries including: non-profits, media & entertainment, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare. Mackenna sold consulting services, led account relations, and codified selling behaviors for customers in the New York metropolitan area.

In addition to her consulting work, Mackenna served on a team of resource managers, where she partnered with sales leadership to prioritize inbound opportunities with available talent. Mackenna sits as a co-chair of The Bowery Mission’s Associate Board. She is responsible for fundraising, member relations, external engagement, and contribution measurement.

Mackenna holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems and Labor Management Relations from McGill University. She is human-centered design certified from the Luma Institute. Part time, Mackenna pursues her Master of Urban Planning at New York University.