Christiana Whitcomb


Christiana advises public and private sector clients on strategies and policies to support healthy housing markets, promote fair access to housing and encourage the clean energy transition. 


Christiana brings her background in housing and real estate economics and policy to lead projects that enable both public and private sector actors to support healthy, fair and resilient housing markets nationally. 

With a belief that fair access to high-quality housing should be a local, state, and federal policy priority, Christiana supports public sector clients to understand the challenges and opportunities in their housing markets, prioritize amongst them, and test land use, funding, energy and infrastructure strategies and policies to address them. 

Christiana’s work also includes analysis and support for the broad range of private sector and non-profit actors that impact housing affordability and the clean energy transition in the residential building sector, from strategies to increase multifamily electrification uptake for utilities to policy and impact analysis for housing and real estate advocacy organizations. 

In addition to her client work, Christiana helps lead HR&A’s digital products strategy and promotes research and development of digital tools to support planning and increase public access to information about the built environment. 

Prior to joining HR&A, Christiana led housing and real estate analysis for UrbanSim. Christiana holds a Master’s in City and Regional Planning from the University of California, Berkeley with a Graduate Certificate in Real Estate, and a Bachelor’s in Government and Legal Studies from Bowdoin College.