NBC Universal Evolution Plan

HR&A provided detailed economic analysis for NBC Universal’s entertainment and studio complex expansion plan.

HR&A analyzed population, housing, public school enrollment, employment, economic and fiscal impacts of a proposed $1.6 billion Specific Plan that will increase the intensity of development at Universal City. The project site is the home of NBC Universal’s 400-acre film studio, studio tour, entertainment retail, commercial office and hotel complex. HR&A’s analyses were included in the Environmental Impact Report on the project.

The project is located in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, but also includes areas that are in the City of Los Angeles. Some areas may be annexed to or detached from each jurisdiction, which required rigorous attention to measuring impacts by jurisdiction under multiple development scenarios.


All project entitlements, except for the minor jurisdictional annexations/detachments have now been approved by both the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles.


HR&A also prepared similar impact analyses for the Walt Disney Company’s multi-billion dollar expansion of Disneyland in the City of Anaheim, 20th Century Fox’s expansion of its facilities in Century City, and a new pending master plan for Paramount Pictures Corporation in Hollywood.

NBCUniversal Economic Analysis