Pike Place Market Adopts Master Plan to Secure its Future as Seattle’s Iconic Landmark

Pike Place Market Adopts Master Plan to Secure its Future as Seattle’s Iconic Landmark

This press release was originally issued by Pike Place Market.


Seattle, WA – Pike Place Market, the heartbeat of Seattle for over a century, has revealed an innovative Master Plan aimed at securing its future as the vibrant soul of the city. Developed in response to operational challenges and changing external forces, the Master Plan charts a course for the Market’s sustained success while honoring its rich heritage and authentic character.


The Market is faced with an exciting array of opportunities amidst its diverse challenges. From meeting operational demands to adapting to rapidly evolving external factors, such as changing consumer preferences and environmental concerns, there’s an abundance of potential for growth and revitalization. By embracing a Master Plan, the Pike Place Market Preservation & Development Authority (PDA) can address these challenges head-on and unlock the Market’s full potential for enduring prosperity. This plan is not just about overcoming obstacles; it’s about embracing our rich history and authentic identity while building a sustainable Market for the next 50 years.


Mary Bacarella, Executive Director of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA), expressed her enthusiasm for the plan, stating, “The Pike Place Market Master Plan ensures the authentic preservation of our beloved Market while paving the way for a thriving future. This plan honors our historic purpose and commitment to the community.”


The Master Plan, spearheaded by the PDA Council, is endorsed by Devin McComb, Chair of the PDA Council, who remarked, “This plan offers a roadmap for the future of Pike Place Market. It encourages innovation, diversity, and inclusivity, ensuring that the Market remains a beacon of opportunity and connection for generations to come.”


Since 1907 Pike Place Market has embodied the essence of Seattle—a dynamic blend of culture, commerce, and community. Recognizing the Market’s vital role in the city’s fabric, the PDA Council initiated the Master Plan to address operational pressures and seize emerging opportunities. The PDA hired HR&A Advisors to guide the PDA through the Master Plan process, a consulting firm with significant experience developing Master Plans around the U.S. for entities similar in complexity to the Pike Place Market. HR&A assembled a project team consisting of BERK ConsultingMithun, and MRA International.


The vision for Pike Place Market in the next 50 years is one of a supportive, diverse community and a thriving center of Pacific Northwest food, commerce, and culture. Grounded in its historic purpose, the Market will continue to serve as a community for gathering and entrepreneurship, while championing diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The Master Plan outlines three foundational goals:

    1. Ensure long-term financial sustainability
    2. Increase local patronage
    3. Advance a diverse, equitable, and inclusive Market


To achieve these goals, four key strategies have been devised:

    1. Pacific Northwest Food Life to Reattract Locals and Reenergize the Market’s Farmer Program: This strategy aims to embrace the essence of Pacific Northwest food culture to attract more local visitors and support farmers, ensuring financial sustainability while staying true to the Market’s historic purpose.
    2. Business Supports to Promote Local Entrepreneurship and Craftspeople: Focused on fostering a thriving ecosystem of local businesses, this strategy includes initiatives such as temporary spaces for small business incubation and technical assistance programs to support entrepreneurship and preserve the Market’s unique character.
    3. Sustainable Physical Investments to Maintain and Adapt the Market: This strategy prioritizes targeted capital investments in key areas of the Market, including Pike Place, First Avenue, and Western Avenue, to enhance accessibility, wayfinding, and environmental sustainability, ensuring a vibrant and resilient Market for generations to come.
    4. Partnerships to Amplify the Market as the Soul of Seattle: Recognizing the Market’s role as a provider of social services and a cultural landmark, this strategy focuses on strengthening partnerships and advocacy efforts to amplify the Market’s impact and ensure its continued relevance in the community.


The Master Plan reflects extensive community engagement, incorporating input from Market stakeholders, Market businesses and PDA staff. It remains flexible, allowing for regular revisiting and adjustment to meet evolving needs. Deeper engagement with the public and Market community is a priority that will continue through the Master Plan implementation to ensure inclusivity and accountability.


Partnerships are essential to the success of the Pike Place Market Master Plan. The Market invites stakeholders, organizations, and individuals to work together in shaping its future. Whether through advocacy or collaboration, all are welcome to engage with the Market on this transformative journey.


For more information on the Pike Place Market Master Plan and how to get involved, visit PikePlaceMarket.org/MasterPlan


About Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority PDA – Celebrating over 50 Years!
The nine-acre historic district is maintained and operated by the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA), a nonprofit public corporation created by the City of Seattle in 1973. The PDA supports the Market’s remarkable community by increasing farm and food retailing opportunities, supporting small and marginal businesses, and providing services for low-income individuals. In addition, PDA helps protect the essence of the Market by preserving, rehabilitating and maintaining the buildings within the Market. PikePlaceMarket.org