HR&A at IEDC Annual Conference 2023

HR&A at IEDC Annual Conference 2023

HR&A Advisors is excited to engage with changemakers at the IEDC Annual Conference 2023 to discuss future prosperity by concentrating on economic diversity and resilience today, building upon past achievements, and igniting the spirit of the next ‘Roaring 20s!’ This forward-thinking Annual Conference will delve into, modernize, and expand upon successful industry strategies and practices, with a dedicated focus on the five strategic initiatives outlined by IEDC.


Speaking events 


September 20, 2023 ,  10:15-11:15 AM CST | HR&A Advisors Partner Cary Hirschstein will be a speaker on the panel: Southern Dallas: “Driving Investment to Historically Disadvantaged Communities.” Join Cary and fellow panelist for a moderated and lively discussion on what it takes to invest in underserved areas. Panelists  will share a behind-the-scenes look at the market forces, politics, policies, and determination that successfully bring development, jobs, and infrastructure to Southern Dallas.




Cary Hirschstein (Speaker) HR&A Advisors, Inc., Partner

Jennifer Gates (Speaker) City of Dallas, Dallas, TX, Hon. Jennifer S Gates, Former Council Member

Lindsey Wilson (Speaker) City of Dallas, Director Office of Equity and Inclusion

Robin Bentley (Speaker) City of Dallas Office Of Economic Development, Director

Terrence Maiden (Speaker) Russell Glen Company, Dallas, TX, CEO


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