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HR&A is an industry leader in providing comprehensive real estate strategies to unlock value and create vibrant places.

For over 30 years, the firm has created imaginative and practical solutions to a broad range of development challenges, including analysis of market and financial feasibility, planning, approvals, deal structuring, and financing of complex urban and large-scale developments.

HR&A takes a rigorous approach to understanding market potential and development feasibility.

Our understanding of market dynamics—from both a local and regional perspective—combined with analytical tools and data sources, allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients. We help our clients turn potential opportunities into financially feasible development programs and phasing strategies for a broad mix of uses, from traditional residential and retail development to niche market cultural and other unique products.

HR&A provides a full suite of real estate development services to a diversity of clients.

We provide critical thinking for development projects, advice to public, private, not-for-profit, and institutional clients—including municipal governments, counties, quasi-public agencies, BIDs, large medical centers, universities, foundations, public development authorities, private owners, building portfolio managers, national developers, performing arts centers, museums—to unlock potential and transform assets and places.

HR&A creates coordinated real estate strategies to unlock value in underutilized assets.

We help clients identify short, medium and long term actions that, in execution, support organizational missions while creating value from their real estate portfolios. We recommend solutions that are flexible enough to respond to changing market conditions and evolution of our clients’ long term strategies.

HR&A structures innovative public-private development partnerships to unlock financing opportunities.

We help our clients identify, engage and collaborate with partners to fully recognize the value of real estate, share market risk, and fund important infrastructure investments in order to successfully advance projects. We understand how to leverage private sector motivations, public sector goals, and local, state and federal dollars.

HR&A has over three decades of experience leading successful large-scale development projects.

We are able to navigate complex regulatory environments in order to achieve project implementation. We have managed multidisciplinary teams through the pre-master planning and master planning phases, from identifying and soliciting additional team members, to leading rezoning proposals, to engaging public sector officials and community leaders to attain development approvals.


  • The Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence in 2007 recognized Daniel Island, a redevelopment project in Charleston Harbor that HR&A saw through from its initial planning phases through the first phase of development implementation – including founding the Daniel Island Development Corporation.
  • The International Economic Development Council awarded HR&A the 2010 Neighborhood Development prize for the firm’s contributions to the transformation of the High Line.
  • The Anacostia Waterfront Initiative Framework Plan, managed by HR&A on behalf of the Washington D.C. Office of City Planning, won the 2005 American Institute of Architects Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design.
  • The Newark Broad Street Station District Plan, which was managed by HR&A, was recognized with the New Jersey Future Smart Growth Award in 2009.
  • HR&A was the subject of a feature article in the April 2011 print and online issue of Architect Magazine entitled “The Integrators: Navigating the complexities of a big urban project? New York’s HR&A can help.”


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