Phillip Kash


Phillip Kash is a nationally recognized practitioner and pioneer in resilience planning and housing affordability.

A leading expert on urban policy, Phillip works across the country to address two of the most pressing challenges facing cities today: resilient climate adaptation and housing affordability. His visionary plans provide cities and their partners with strategic frameworks to guide their efforts; programs and policies to inform their actions; and implementation roadmaps that ensure projects are delivered.
Phillip began adapting cities to changing climate conditions in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. He advised the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority on the development of disaster recovery programs that successfully revitalized neighborhoods and commercial corridors throughout the city. Phillip joined HR&A in 2015 to help lead the delivery of technical assistance to states and local governments throughout the country as part of the National Disaster Resilience Competition (NDRC). From 2015-2016, he led a multidisciplinary team of engineers, climate scientists, and landscape architects to develop Climate Ready Boston, a comprehensive climate adaptation plan for the city and its regional systems. He is currently advising on the financing, development, and governance strategies for the Ohio Creek Watershed Transformation project in Norfolk, VA, the Gentilly Resilience District in New Orleans, and the Ilse de Jean Resettlement Project effort in Southern Louisiana.
As a leader of HR&A’s affordable housing practice, Phillip focuses on improving housing affordability in American cities through comprehensive strategies that include land use, regulatory authority, local public funding, and effective tenants’ rights. He has worked closely with several local governments to develop such strategies, including Wake County, NC which dedicated $75M to affordable housing and added 1,400 affordable housing units to its development pipeline in 2018. Phillip also advises on the development of specific affordable housing programs and policies. He worked with the city of Detroit to develop an inclusionary zoning policy that was consistent with its commitment to retain existing residents and foster growth and development. In Pittsburgh, he is currently working with the Urban Redevelopment Authority to design new single-family rehab programs and multifamily gap financing as part of the Housing Opportunity Fund.
Prior to joining HR&A, Phillip worked at Enterprise Community Partners where he advised on affordable housing, nonprofit business planning, neighborhood revitalization and resilient recovery programs. As a Director, he provided technical assistance to local governments and nonprofits nationwide; designed and implemented programs; and advised on affordable housing development projects. Several of his technical assistance engagements were part of HUD’s One Community Planning and Development program and the National Resource Network.
Phillip volunteers with All Souls Housing Corporation to support and preserve the affordability of Columbia Heights Village, a 400-unit development in the heart of DC. He holds a Master’s in City and Regional Planning and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Board of Directors, All Souls Housing Corporation

Member, Urban Land Institute