Garrett Robinson


Garrett supports local governments and private institutions in crafting solutions to their most pressing challenges, particularly in the areas of displacement and equitable urban development.

As an Analyst in the Los Angeles office, Garrett has worked on a variety of strategic planning efforts that have guided public and private organizations to effectively serve their communities. He has also worked on several real estate and master planning projects that aim to promote vibrant neighborhoods and provide economic opportunities.

A life-long Southern Californian, Garrett is passionate about pursuing impactful work across the region – from large-scale opportunities associated with cultural events like the 2028 Olympics and Paralympics in Los Angeles to smaller-scale projects that aim to empower and strengthen underserved communities.

Garrett graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Urban Studies. His honors thesis focused on large development projects unfolding in the city of Inglewood, CA and looked critically at conversations around gentrification and displacement.

Member, African American Real Estate Professionals - Los Angeles (AAREPLA)