Adina Jahan


Adina works on projects to create more inclusive cities, build digital equity, and advocate for criminal justice reform. She is guided by the principle that where you live should not determine your quality of life.

As a Research Analyst, Adina started her work at HR&A as a core team member of the NYC Speaks project, a civic engagement initiative designed to translate the ideas of New Yorkers into meaningful policies and help inform the priorities of the mayoral administration. Adina has always been drawn to this type of community-based work, where rigorous analysis of data produces actionable solutions to the most critical challenges facing our communities.

Adina graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, and is interested in the intersection between urban planning and community health outcomes. Previously, she has worked for the No Boundaries Coalition, a nonprofit and advocacy organization, where she worked to help launch sustainable food markets to improve health outcomes in west Baltimore. In addition, she has experience in community organizing in the Bronx, Public Health research, and in the real estate & mortgage industry in NYC. Adina hopes to reconcile her diverse interests and background through her work at HR&A. As a longtime resident of New York City, Adina is excited to work with New York office colleagues to tackle the complex challenges facing the city.