Richmond Riverfront Plan Approved by City Council


On November 26, the City Council of Richmond, VA approved an ambitious Riverfront Master Plan for 2.25 miles and 830 acres of the city’s downtown Riverfront. Working with Hargreaves Associates, who led the planning process, HR&A developed a funding and implementation strategy for the plan. This included an analysis of potential public and private sources of capital and operations funding, implementation mechanisms and long-term governance structures, and the potential for the enhanced Riverfront to become a significant source of economic growth for Richmond.


An extension of the city’s 2009 Downtown Plan, the Riverfront Plan is a comprehensive vision for the future of Richmond on both the north and south banks of the James River, one of the city’s most valuable assets. The Plan offers opportunities for strengthened connections, new open spaces, a variety of landscape experiences, and a wealth of programming. It also highlights private development sites which can provide value for future stewardship of the Riverfront. The plan is expected to have a significant positive impact on adjacent neighborhoods and create a valuable amenity for Richmond residents and visitors.

The full master plan is available here.