Change the shape of your city.

Exceptional places catalyze growth and strengthen communities, generating value for landowners, developers, surrounding businesses, and neighborhood residents. Our team of experts works with public, private, and non-profit organizations to unlock the financial value and community benefits that real estate development can provide.


Our strategic guidance helps clients capture value and successfully implement projects.

Create developments that strengthen your city

Successful redevelopment advances both public and private sector goals. HR&A acts as a critical intermediary between the development community and local government by providing credible third-party analysis, facilitating the approvals process, and crafting innovative approaches to zoning and incentives.


The real estate landscape in many cities is growing more and more complex. With a proven record of helping clients implement real estate projects in diverse cities across the United States and around the world, HR&A brings the experience and strategic expertise required to support your team. We understand how to navigate both the real estate community and complicated local regulatory and political dynamics to achieve tangible results.


Cities have always been places of opportunity, and smart real estate development can translate that opportunity into value for both the public and private sectors. Our advisors will help you articulate a credible and aspirational vision for your property, distinguish your asset from the competition, and lay out a clear strategy for the implementation of your vision.


Partner with our clients and critical stakeholders to set a project’s strategic direction. Determine project opportunities, create a distinctive project vision, and assess potential program alternatives for site redevelopment.

Manage and organize design, technical, and development teams to advance projects across their lifecycles. Help clients to identify, select, and procure key team members; manage deliverables, schedule, overall scope and budgets; and ensure work quality and team progress.

Identify market opportunities to inform potential or proposed development through analysis of demographic, economic, and real estate trends.

Guide development of a program reflecting the highest and best use, and analyze financial feasibility to understand the impacts of core project parameters, including key public policy goals, on returns.

Create compelling project benefits narratives that draw on an assessment of economic and fiscal impacts, as well as other quantitative and qualitative benefits that align with local stakeholder goals.

Based on client objectives, market opportunities, project financial feasibility, and current policy context, create comprehensive real estate portfolio strategies that prioritize near-term opportunities to realize value and identify strategies for assets requiring longer-term planning.

Gather insights that can shape the project vision by communicating benefits and trade-offs among key governmental, business, and community stakeholders.

Support clients in pursuing and negotiating public approvals related to land use and project funding, including performing diverse analyses to inform a credible and compelling project narrative.

Featured Projects

Development Management & Public Financing Strategy for Broadway Station

Denver, CO

After acquiring the former Gates Rubber Company plant, Broadway Station Partners wanted to pursue development of one of Denver’s only remaining urban transit-oriented development sites. To navigate the unique site challenges, the landowners engaged HR&A to advise on the balance of infrastructure investment and value-generating development to inform the project’s development strategy, master plan, and public finance strategy.

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Land Disposition Strategy & Solicitation and Transaction Support for Mecklenburg County

Charlotte, NC

To ensure plans for four valuable sites met key policy and economic development goals, Mecklenberg County required a better understanding of both the development community’s perceptions of the location and appetite for mixed-use development, as well as a strategic approach to solicitation processes. Learn More →

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