Green Infrastructure’s Triple Bottom Line

Green Infrastructure places an imperative on stormwater management strategies that deliver powerful environmental, societal and economic benefits.


Eric Rothman will moderate and present on the panel “The Triple-Bottom-Line Beauty of Green Infrastructure” at the annual New Jersey Future Redevelopment Forum on Friday, March 11 in New Brunswick, NJ. Panelists will present case studies and lessons learned on evaluating cost and benefits, managing risk and innovation, and maximizing the social and economic value on green infrastructure for stormwater management.


Eric is joined on this panel by Michele Adams PE, President, Meliora Design; Russ D. Dudley PE LEED AP, Environmental Engineer, Tera Tech; Christopher Franklin, Director of Construction, Brandywine Realty Trust; Matthew Testa LEED AP, Director of Construction, Bijou Properties.


HR&A Advisors has promoted Green Infrastructure for its clients including economic assessments of a district stormwater system within the proposed Southwest EcoDistrict in Washington DC, proposed changes to the City of Detroit’s stormwater policies, and green infrastructure retrofits within Dallas’s park system.


The New Jersey Future’s annual Redevelopment Forum is their biggest event of the year, attracting more than 500 local and state officials, citizen activists, development professionals, architects, attorneys, planners, business leaders, and students. In September 2015, New Jersey Future launched a significant statewide initiative on Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure.