Atlanta Plans for a More Equitable Future

Atlanta Plans for a More Equitable Future

Atlanta unveiled “Resilient Atlanta: Actions to Build a More Equitable Future,” their 100 Resilient Cities strategy, to much acclaim on November 2, 2017. The plan is bolstered by four visions, 16 measurable targets, and nearly 60 actions for implementation.


Atlanta is part of an expansive Metro region that has experienced significant growth in recent decades. While residents and new businesses continue to be attracted to the region, the City’s ability to achieve its maximum potential is threatened by racial inequity, suburban sprawl, and lack of investment in infrastructure and affordable housing.


As a strategy partner for 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation, HR&A Advisors supported Atlanta and its Chief Resilience Officer in developing Resilient Atlanta, a comprehensive and actionable plan to address these regional challenges while building capacity among residents and city systems to better anticipate and respond to future shocks. The strategy builds on strengths of regional growth, diversity, integration, and inclusion. The strategy includes four Visions for the City supported by Targets and Actions for successful implementation.


Vision 1: Preserve and Celebrate Who We Are. Preserve and enhance Metro Atlanta’s culture, shared identity, and history to build social cohesion and cultivate the creative economy. The Targets and Actions under this Vision aim to increase community cohesion, address racial inequity, and strengthen Atlanta’s culture and creative economy. Action highlights:

  • Create a formal City document and corresponding policies by 2020 to recognize and reconcile past systemic wrongdoings
  • Develop a comprehensive cultural plan for the City of Atlanta


Vision 2: Enable All Metro Atlantans to Prosper. Reduce the barriers preventing Atlantans from achieving economic stability and security to increase access to opportunity and move Atlanta out of the nation’s top 10 cities ranked for income inequality. The Targets and Actions under this Vision support improving economic mobility and inter-generational wealth building by focusing on early childhood education and workforce development opportunities for all. Action highlights:

  • Support Georgia’s Universal Pre-K Program for all four-year-olds by reducing the number of children on Pre-K waiting lists in high-need areas
  • Establish a $5 million dollar Creative Industries Revolving Loan Fund to support and retain local film and music talent


Vision 3: Build Our Future City Today. Facilitate the development of an equitable and inclusive city while preserving and expanding Atlanta’s natural environment. The Targets and Actions under this Vision foster vibrant, healthy, and equitable neighborhoods that will improve the quality of life for all Atlantans through expansion of affordable housing, support diversification of transportation modes, increase access to fresh food, improve proximity to greenspace for recreational use, as well as invest in sustainable and resilient infrastructure improvements. Action highlights:

  • Decrease the number of housing cost-burdened residents and increase the production and preservation of affordable housing
  • Develop a resilient local food system by 2025
  • Complete construction of the first segment of the Proctor Creek Greenway by January 2018


Vision 4: Design Our Systems to Reflect Our Values. Adapt Atlanta’s civic systems to enable the City to become a leader in equity, sustainability, and resilience. The Targets and Actions under this Vision seek to improve the efficiency and usability of city systems to encourage greater civic engagement and institutionalize use of the resilience lens among decision makers across Atlanta. Action Highlights:

  • Create and implement a strategy for the City to use 100 percent clean energy
  • Launch an Airport Resilience and Sustainability Innovation Center by 2023


The full plan can be read here.