Sarah Durning

Administrative Assistant

Sarah Durning provides administrative support to HR&A staff in addition to assisting Senior Advisor, Carl Weisbrod. Sarah also lends a hand in the firm’s recruiting efforts.

Before joining HR&A, Sarah recorded music and toured the United States singing traditional country and Americana tunes. Prior to that, Sarah worked as a writer/editor for a start-up that was bought by The Washington Post. In her Baltimore days, Sarah was an administrative assistant at world renowned institutions such as T. Rowe Price and Johns Hopkins University.

Sarah has her own band now, writing songs, singing lead and playing rhythm guitar, and frequently performs in the New York City area with the occasional out of town show. She is in the process of recording her first album and there is nothing in the world that she finds more fun or gratifying. A close second is the googly eyed creatures she makes out of felt.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD.