Kimbaley Mitchell

Administrative Assistant

‘Kimberly’ brings over 15 years of administrative experience across government, public, and the corporate sectors supporting Sr. Executives to her role as Administrative Assistant in HR&A’s Atlanta office.


Kimberly was previously the Sr. Executive Assistant and Office Manager at the City of Atlanta (COA), where she managed five departments across the office of the controller in the Department of Finance. Kimberly has collaborated with the financial reporting team in driving the comprehensive annual reports (CAFR, PAFR) and the details and design of cross departmental projects.

Before her work at COA, Kimberly supported neurosurgeons at Weill Cornell Medical Center in Neurological Surgery, union reps at the United Federation of Teachers, as well as Sr. Directors in the non-profit sector, and assisting the elderly with sustainable items for their wellbeing from donations to deliveries of nutritious meals.

She holds a Master’s in General Management from Metropolitan College of New York and a B.A. in Business Administration.