Transit-Oriented Development

HR&A helps clients leverage economic and real estate development potential from transit infrastructure and transportation improvements.


Our transit-oriented development (TOD) work is informed by our specific expertise in market analysis, development implementation, public-private partnerships, and our track record of successful implementation. HR&A’s staff experience combines transit agency management with public and private real estate knowledge, which makes us uniquely well-positioned for planning and implementation for new development around transit facilities. We have created plans and implementation strategies for projects surrounding individual station areas, corridor-based development frameworks, and regional policies and long-range plans for TOD and infrastructure finance like value capture.


Our diverse involvement in Transit-Oriented Development projects includes advisory services to private developers, municipalities, and transit agencies.

We understand the specific financial and operational drivers for transit agencies seeking increased ridership and non-farebox revenues, private developers seeking to leverage additional value from transit, and public planning and development agencies seeking to promote smart growth and revitalization. We:


  • Create development frameworks for station areas that account for the operational needs of transit agencies and opportunities to create value and catalyze real estate development;
  • Quantify and recommend gap financing measures for transit infrastructure through value capture mechanisms including joint development, tax-increment financing, special assessments, and negotiated exactions;
  • Research real estate markets and demographics to identify opportunities for development surrounding transit-hubs for private developers and public sector entities;
  • Analyze the economic impacts of transit investments, transit-oriented development, and congestion mitigation strategies on local and regional economic competitiveness; and
  • Engage the private sector in municipal and agency TOD efforts, including preparation and evaluation of developer solicitation documents.