Arlington County Community Energy Plan Development

HR&A advised Arlington County, Virginia on the development and implementation of the County’s Community Energy Plan.

The Community Energy Plan for Arlington provides a comprehensive approach to reducing the County’s greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent between now and the year 2040. The plan advocates for improving energy generation, use, and distribution to create substantial economic, environmental, and quality of life benefits for the businesses and residents of the County.

The Plan promotes a number of goals which address residential and commercial building energy efficiency, implementation of renewable and district energy systems, transportation-related carbon reduction strategies, general County activities, and outreach and education. HR&A reviewed best practices throughout the United States and internationally to provide context in which to frame these goals and to recommend pathways to success. HR&A recommended implementation actions and public outreach approaches to advance the Plan and its goals, which included incentive and regulatory approaches, improvements to securing approvals, and social media.


On Saturday, June 15, 2013, the Arlington County Board unanimously adopted the Community Energy Plan as part of the County’s Comprehensive Plan, approved the Implementation Framework Plan, and directed the establishment of a Community Energy Plan Implementation Review Committee.