Broadband Equity Partnership: Multiple Roles (Contract Work or Full Time, open to remote)


The Broadband Equity Partnership is a mission-driven consultancy and program management team, empowering communities to shape their broadband future. Powered by HR&A Advisors and CTC Technology & Energy, we bring together a diverse national network of senior leaders and analysts. We take a transdisciplinary approach to:

  • helping local governments understand issues of digital disparity in their communities;
  • designing programs that promote broadband access, affordability, and adoption;
  • structuring public-private partnerships to reshape the broadband marketplace; and
  • redesigning governance systems to secure a more equitable digital future.

We work with visionary governments, nonprofits, and businesses who share our mission. We have primary offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, with a presence in several other cities around the country.


We are currently looking for mission-driven, analytically-minded leaders and strategists to join our rapidly growing team across the country. Please view job descriptions for our current available opportunities on our website.

We ask that you submit a version of your resume that has your school information removed. There is no need to reformat your resume, and you should leave your degree (e.g. “B.A. Economics”). But please remove all undergraduate and graduate school name references. This request is part of our ongoing work to build a hiring system that is free from bias and based on candidate merit and performance in the hiring process.