HR&A uses fact-based analyses to build consensus for creating new development organizations and to identify new resources to support existing organizations.

Major city revitalization initiatives often require new or enhanced organizational capacity to implement projects effectively. HR&A’s approach to organizational implementation begins with a clear understanding of the structure needed to take a project from inception through completion and operation. We assess organizational mission, core capacities and resources, and measure them against the mission, requirements and resources required for project implementation.

We work with public and private stakeholders to demonstrate best practices for organizational development and implementation.

HR&A performs a variety of tasks to strengthen organizational capacity for the redevelopment of real estate into vibrant and active neighborhoods. We partner with our clients to:

  • Evaluate capital and governance models for downtown master plans, signature parks, and other priority development initiatives to recommend the ideal governance model and financial strategy;
  • Convene institutional partners in order to organize leadership and set priorities for neighborhood development; and
  • Guide organizations undertaking new responsibilities for neighborhood stewardship and redevelopment to clarify goals and prioritize initiatives.


  • The Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence in 2007 recognized Daniel Island, a redevelopment project in Charleston Harbor that HR&A saw through from its initial planning phases through the first phase of development implementation – including founding the Daniel Island Development Corporation.
  • HR&A and the Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) were awarded the 2009 International Economic Development Council Partnership Award for a Public-Private Partnership in a city with a population of more than 200,000 persons, in recognition of the creation of 3CDC.
  • The Anacostia Waterfront Initiative Framework Plan, managed by HR&A on behalf of the Washington D.C. Office of City Planning, won the 2005 American Institute of Architects Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design.