HR&A partners with urban designers, planners and architects to produce imaginative master plans for unique places.

HR&A creates the economic framework for a wide range of master planning efforts, including research parks, historic train stations, industrial waterfronts, and cultural districts. We collaborate with public officials, community leaders, developers, and constituents to guide their vision with a practicable approach to transforming communities, districts, downtowns and redevelopment areas. We help our clients succeed because we:

  • Assess market opportunities and constraints;
  • Develop strategies to remake brownfields and post-industrial waterfronts into vibrant urban destinations;
  • Craft financial and implementation strategies for infrastructure and open space improvements;
  • Advance local economic and public policy goals; and
  • Spearhead outreach to public sector officials, agencies, and community leaders.

HR&A grounds all recommendations in a comprehensive understanding of local development markets.

Our goal is to strengthen and preserve the character of individual communities. We partner with urban designers and planners to inform master plans with economic and market realities. We take an in-depth look at the market drivers of a location, and then identify first steps that will have a catalytic effect on development. We help clients prioritize short and long-term actions to provide a roadmap towards implementation.


  • HR&A and the Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) received the 2009 International Economic Development Council Partnership Award for a public-private partnership in a city with a population of over 200,000 persons for the creation of 3CDC.
  • The Anacostia Waterfront Initiative Framework Plan, managed by HR&A on behalf of the Washington D.C. Office of City Planning, won the 2005 American Institute of Architects Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design.

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