Central Waterfront development advice Confidential Hong Kong
Eco-city master plan Confidential Chengdu, China
Waterfront site pre-development planning Confidential Toronto, Ontario
Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor plan development* Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor India
BID creation advice Downtown Property Owners Kuwait City, Kuwait
New city implementation strategy development King Abdullah Economic City Saudi Arabia
2012 Olympic Parklands planning Olympic Park Legacy Company London, UK
New university master plan development* The Aga Khan Foundation Karachi, Pakistan
Various station-area development plans* Transport for London London, UK
Capital program management advice Transport for London London, UK
Lower Don development framework economic benefits assessment Waterfront Toronto Toronto, ON
New parklands operations and maintenance strategy development Waterfront Toronto Toronto, ON
Gardiner Expressway mitigation planning Waterfront Toronto Toronto, ON
Canada Square repositioning feasibility planning Waterfront Toronto Toronto, ON
Toronto waterfront transformation Waterfront Toronto Toronto, ON