HR&A advises both private and public clients on capital improvement projects that maximize mission-driven goals while maintaining economic feasibility.

In the past decade, the firm has emerged as a forerunner in financial feasibility assessment and management of largeā€scale energy initiatives for existing buildings.

Building on more than 30 years of real estate, economic revitalization and public policy service to a diverse group of public and private sector clients, HR&A brings a perspective to sustainability initiatives that extends beyond the advancement of energy goals. We succeed because we:

  • Balance an understanding of the perspectives of the private market with long experience working in the public sector, a balance critical for owners and managers seeking incentives;.
  • Identify and prioritize funding and financing sources for capital improvement projects;
  • Create innovative implementation strategies for the effective execution of capital projects; and
  • Leverage partnerships among public, private and institutional sectors to fund projects.

HR&A helps clients recognize investments in sustainability as a value add to the bottom line.

We guide our clients from energy analysis to project execution with the following services:

  • A careful review of proposed energy performance improvements, in coordination with technical partners;
  • Financial analysis that projects the accrual of energy savings given current lease structures and investment objectives, quantifying the combined impact of the investments on net operating income and overall asset value;
  • Recommendations for capital expenditure based on required investment and management objectives, in order to maximize return on investment, supported by a realistic phasing strategy;
  • Assistance in prioritizing and obtaining available local, state and federal incentives; and
  • Management strategies to guide projects from capital planning through implementation and commissioning.

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